Cash is the name of the mascot for First Arkansas Bank and Trust (FAB&T). Build-a-Bear Workshop teammed up with FAB&T to create plushies of their mascot, a rescue lab mix named Cash. 





$23 USD

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FAB&T partnered with the Build-A-Bear Workshop for a Valentine’s Day promotion called “Give Cash 2 the 1 U Love.” FAB&T sold plush lab dogs from Build-A-Bear Workshop — with branded FAB&T t shirts, of course — in branches. The net proceeds from the promotion were then be donated to local animal shelters. After a week of sales, FAB&T had over 240 dogs, with over $2000 dollars being donated to local shelters. -


The plushie is basically a Yellow Labrador with a red and white T-shirt that has Cash and First National Bank and Trust on the front.

Description in the NewsEdit

Partnering with Build-A-Bear Workshop In a heartfelt banking promotion, FAB&T partnered with Build-A-Bear Workshop to create 300 miniature plush Cash replicas wearing logoed T-shirts. The bank marketing promotion carried the theme, “Give a little Cash 2 the one U love!” Cash replicas were available during a short 1 ½ week window just before Valentine’s Day. The net proceeds of over $2,000 from the sold-out sale of these stuffed animals are being donated to local animal shelters. Sundermeier explained, “With the situation of our economy now, pets are sometimes the first thing a family will let go.” FAB&T said the bank wanted to draw attention to overcrowding in animal shelter due to the economic downturn. -


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