The Husky is a Kennel Pal that resembles a Siberian Husky. They are gray and white in color, have soft, fine fur, and are to date, one of the only two Kennel Pals with blue eyes.





$22 USD

Secondary Market




Child Friendly



Huskies are energetic, fun, and happy dogs. They love to be around children. Huskies hate being decorations or "bed buddies" (stuffed animals just meant to sit on the bed as a companion at night). Always ready to play, these energetic little dogs love to entertained or will get bored and entertain themselves (often in unwanted ways). Huskies also hate to be alone, wanting companionship with another dog (or Husky). Huskies love the ice and snow, and love to play in it along with the children (if they get to). They pair best with Boxers.


Huskies have gray fur, white on their faces, underbellies, legs, and under their tails, erect ears, and blue eyes. They also have two fluffy parts on both sides of their face.


  • The Husky is one of the most popular Kennel Pals because of it's looks and possibly, because Eight Below came out the year the Husky was introduced.
  • Huskies made more sales than the Boxers in 2006, due to their popularity.
  • Huskies are considered the most beautiful Kennel Pal of all.
  • There are more Huskies on than any other Kennel Pal.


The Gallery for The Husky can be viewed here.

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